Kabak Beach – Hidden Gem

Kabak is in the guidebook, but it’s by no means easy to get to.

We drove there from Fethiye in a small rental car. Most of the drive is easy, and spectacular. The last two kilometers is a whole different story. The paved road passes along the mountainside way far above the beach, and there’s a steep, rocky, dirt road that drops steeply down to the beach.

We started down in our crappy little car, and soon encountered two guys in a pickup. They took one look at our ride and just shook their heads. We just backed’er up and parked that sucker. The walk down was lovely anyway.


The Beach

The beach was deserted (low season) except for some friendly backpackers that were hiking some section of the Lycian Way. They had arrived at Kabak beach two days before, scrapped their plans and stayed there. There was also a cat.

We played on the beach, watched a praying mantis, went for a swim… 6 stars out of 5.