Itching to go


Here we are, sitting in an empty apartment half hoping no one will show up for our open house. We accepted an offer last week on our triplex and are eagerly awaiting the next steps; the inspection, visits to the other apartments. We didn’t cancel the open house because the first offer we accepted didn’t pan out. If all goes well this time, we’ll sell this building by the end of the month and we can start planning the beginning of our trip.

This is the first major hurdle, getting the building sold. The money will be our traveling fund, supplemented by whatever rent we can get for the duplex we currently live in. Finding tenants is the next step, but we’re still not sure how to manage the property from a distance, and how much of our stuff to keep and how much to get rid of.

We’ve been selling on Kijiji for months now, partly to raise money but mostly to get rid of the life-clutter we have accumulated in 8 years in Montreal. When we arrived here from Chile (we were teaching English there) we didn’t have much more than would fit in each of our backpacks. Now we have 2 buildings, too much furniture, a car, 2 kids and all their stuff, a garage full of tools and clothes for all 4 Canadian seasons. Too much stuff!

We’ll rent the two furnished apartments in our duplex and stash the car in an old barn, but that still leaves a lot of things to get rid of. Hopefully once the triplex is sold we’ll have time to sort all of that out. We’re selling on because we don’t want to hand over $25 000 to some realtor, but that means the whole thing takes up a lot more of our time. It’s definitely worth it when you think of how far that money will go when we’re on the beach.

The plan so far is to fly to Sri Lanka, hopefully getting there by early February to be able to ride elephants for my daughter’s 5th birthday. We haven’t decided how long to stay there or where to go next, but there will definitely be a next, and a next, and another one after that.