Elephant safari at Udawalawe National Park

Today we saw our first elephants out in the wilds of Udawalawe National Park!

It was amazing and definitely worth getting up at 5 AM. We saw many gigantic lone bulls and a couple of small herds of mamas and babies. The first bull we saw, the driver/guide turned off the jeep and the big Papa just strolled by. I don’t have the blog power to convey the wonder of watching it go past, hearing the ears flap, and listening to his surprisingly quiet footsteps.

We also saw (kind of side-dishes to the main elephant event) spectacular views, monkeys, mongooses (mongeese?), buffalo, spotted deer, a crocodile, eagles, storks, peacocks, and more peacocks. Honestly, I didn’t know there were that many peacocks in the whole world as we saw today. They’re like pigeons around here!



Holy Cow, the House is Sold!!

Okay, now finally some major progress! And as usual, all at once.

In the space of 3 days, we signed the sale of the triplex, I QUIT MY JOB! and we bought plane tickets!!!

There’s one in every family photo…

My last day of work is March 3, and on March 15 the whole family flies to Sri Lanka to start our new lives as The Travelling Page Family!
It took almost a year from our decision (more like 9 months, I guess the sale was kind of like a baby that needed to gestate) to get everything lined up and sorted out, and we’re not quite ready yet but it’s happening!
Okay, that was a lot of exclamation marks, everybody calm down a bit. Is it too soon to start counting the days?