Troy and TWO Giant Horses

Troy is not just about the giant horse, but it’s the first and last thing you see when you visit. There’s also another giant horse in nearby Canakkale, where many visitors stay. That’s the one from the movie, and it has even more impressive shoulders than Brad Pitt.

Just after the entrance and obligatory gift/tea shop there’s a guy dressed as (kind of) a Trojan warrior. He looked a little dozy/maybe drunk when we first arrived. He quickly perked up at the first busload of Chinese tourists and charmed the pants off them.


His gig was dressing people up and taking their pictures in front of the local big Giant Horse. It’s a little lower budget than the movie one, but still impressive.

Troy Big Horse
Viewing cabin on top (probably not a feature of the original Giant Horse) … Closed for repairs. 🙁

After the Giant Horse, the ruins might be a little underwhelming. Much of the site has been excavated, but the place is so darn old that it’s a bit of a mess. There are structures credited to approximately 8 cities built one on top of the other over the centuries.

The highlight for us was finding a dead end in the wooden walkway that takes you over the ruins. The dead end meant that guides were not shepherding busloads of Asian tourists through that part. We sat and threw pine-cones into the archaeological dig for almost an hour. Freedom!

You can see our dead end in the top left of the picture.

The site is big enough to find quiet corners out of the way to contemplate the history of the place. The site is not so big that you have to hustle to see it all. It is just right.


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It is definitely not the most impressive ruins in Turkey by a long shot, but it makes a mellow day out from Canakkale. Most people could do it in a short morning. Of course, it took us all day.


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