Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople

Ok, where were we. Ah yes, Istanbul not Constantinople.

One of the most surprisingly cool things we saw in Istanbul was the Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam. The name is way too long, but the stuff inside is really interesting (more so for nerdy engineer types, I’ll admit). The kids really enjoyed it and there was no lineup and hardly anyone else inside!

The Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam

The rest of the family were not so sure about this one, but the lack of lineup was a selling point. Once they saw all the astrolabes and scale models of ancient pumps, they were hooked!

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Topkapi Palace

This was one of the many homes of the Ottomans (emperors, not furniture). The kitchens are warehouse sized, the living quarters are a gold plated labyrinth.

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As you can see, the wax figures are creepily realistic and the living quarters are lavish. And big, too. Check out the fireplace in the servants dormitory.

Kids in the fireplace
There was a security guard nearby, that’s why they look a little furtive.

Galata Tower

Yet another spectacular thing to see in Istanbul, but on the other side of the Golden Horn is the Galata Tower. There’s usually a bit of an enormous line to get in, but it’s definitely worth it.

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We stopped in the cafe on top for some tea and a piece of chocolate cake. The highlight for everyone was the small piece of Turkish Delight (lukuma) on the side of the tea saucer. We enjoyed the treat, but the kids LOVED the little plastic swords on which the swords were skewered. The Little Fella wanted more swords, so he went and asked the waiter. The waiter happily gave him another, with another Turkish Delight! By the time we went outside to the viewing balcony, they had at least 7 swords each!



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