Tineretului Park is the Best!

We always make a point of checking for a children’s park when we arrive in a new city. Before arriving in Bucharest, we spotted our Airbnb apartment on Google maps and saw that it was walking distance from Tineretului Park. Little did we know that this particular park is a super, mega, amazing children’s park!

Our second morning in Bucharest I went for a run and figured I’d take a look at the park as well.

Tineretului run
15 km and no backtracking!

I couldn’t believe it! Every turn I took brought me to a new section of park with a full kid’s play module! And not just tube slides and swingsets either; bouncy castles, carousels, water parks, a zipline, a ferris wheel, bumper cars, and more!

Bouncy castles!
One of the few things we had to pay for… $3 for both kids for 20 min.

There’s also a small lake in Tineretului Park with a paved walking/running path around it, and bridges across to small islands. Seriously, every time I went running I found a new thing; tennis courts, a pool, ornamental gardens, the list goes on and on.

Of course, we took the kids in there. Other than one trip to the Natural History Museum (very good), all we did for a week in Bucharest was go to the park.

Tineretului entrance
You can tell by the entrance that it’s awesome!

There was a vicious heat-wave across all of Europe at the time, so one of our favorite stops was the water jets. Even when the rest of the park was deserted there were always kids playing here. Mostly little ones like ours, with the occasional pre-teen trying to ride her bike through the jets.

Water jets
A very nice break from the heat!

We went to the park at least three afternoons without ever playing in the same area twice. The kids favorite was the super-high tubes with the slide I was tempted to call the sui-slide. They both went down it, no problem.

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Even the benches in this park are neat. Some had new friends on them, some were just made out of giant pencil crayons.

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And finally the lake, which at 6:30 AM has a surprising number of runners already out there, and at 3 PM a surprising number of people swimming in it.

Swimmers allowed
Ducks and the occasional rowboat and everything!

Truly our highlight of Bucharest. Especially since we barely saw anything else!





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