Let me tell you about my run!

I figure that Vero and I spend so much time running, talking about running, figuring out where and when to run that I should probably write about running occasionally. We don’t have internet access unless we go down the road to our host’s house, so there have been several good runs since this one, but for me it stands out.

17 kms of Pure Joy

Last Tuesday’s run was a beauty! I ran uphill all the way to the next village about 4 km from our cottage. Things got pretty muddy from all the cow traffic, so I turned around and headed back.

Muddy shoes anyone?
My shoes were still dry, so I skipped it

Before I got back into our village, I cut over the small ridge into the next valley. The road there goes 2 km up into the foothill of the Fagaras mountains before it becomes a track through dense forest.
This track is only used by local woodcutters and gypsies out hunting mushrooms. I’ve run there three times now and haven’t seen another human. In fact, because I usually run early in the morning, I rarely see anyone at all.

Rogue cow
This lady was on the wrong side of the fence… jumped it !?

I’d love to follow the wooded track to see how far it goes. Tuesday I couldn’t follow it far what with my little detour to the next village. I had already run 10 km to get to the entrance to the woods.
The first time I went in I went farther, but still only about 3 km in. That far in you climb all the way, but never get a view. The trees are just too dense and it’s mostly younger growth due to the woodcutting. I was just getting to bigger, older trees when I turned around.
Deep in the dark Transylvania woods at 7 AM, when the sun barely penetrates the leaves to light your way, it’s easy to start thinking about…. wolves. I’ve been told there are bears in the area, but bears don’t generally hunt people. Wolves on the other hand…

Anyone know the Gruffalo?
The Gruffalo said that no gruffalo should ever set foot in the deep dark wood

The way down and back is just pure speed-way. A two lane track with a grassy middle on a slight decline, wide open and fast. The last 3 km home were my fastest by almost 45 seconds per km. 17 km round trip and the last 3 were the fastest by far!


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