India – Going to the Movies in Cochin

As one of our rest day tactics, we occasionally go to the cinema and watch a movie. In Cochin, India we were told that the mall there is the biggest mall in Asia, so we thought we’d go check it out.

The cinema experience in India has a few subtle differences from the Canadian version we are used to. For example, ticket prices depend on where you want to sit, like stadium seating. Also, you have to pass through a metal detector and bag check to get into the cinema.

The Theater

Inside the mall it’s pretty cool, and inside the theater it’s a downright cold 8 degrees. This seems even colder since it’s 42 degrees outside; please note that your glasses may fog up. Blankets are not issued with the 3D glasses. Some folks (Vero) may resort to putting their feet in a re-usable shopping bag and then a small backpack to keep their toes warm.


The theater had some cushy seats which reclined quite a ways, a pleasant surprise I discovered 5/6 of the way through the movie. My bad.

The Movie

Like many cinematic presentations, there’s a seemingly endless string of advertisements. Just before the feature presentation, the national anthem plays and everyone stands at attention. Many people sing along.

The film is shown in HD, 3D, HSPDA, NDA, etc. but the glasses provided have flat, scratched lenses made of plastic wrap. This detracts from the image quality a little bit. The glasses are also unlikely to stay on your face without constant supervision.

Ready to watch
Fortunately the glasses don’t fog up, they’re already frozen.

Part way through the film you will be surprised by an intermission. A ten minute break to get up, stretch, go to the lobby for popcorn, sing the national anthem again if you like. Fortunately for us, the plot of Cars 3 in 3D is easy to follow even with a break in the middle. We haven’t even seen Cars 2.

Regardless of the quirks and differences, a movie is definitely a winner to get everyone sitting quietly for a couple of hours. Throw in some mall wandering and you’ve got yourself a nice quiet day.



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