Mysore Rail Museum and Children’s Park

Following our big morning on the Chamundi Steps, we thought we’d take it easy with a quiet afternoon at the Mysore Rail Museum. Think again, that place is action packed (for the kids anyway)!

It’s an outdoor museum which consists mainly of old Indian Rail engines on sections of track. The kids can climb in, on, and all around the trains.

Child labour
Back in the day, there was no minimum age for drivers!


Some trains
A diesel locomotive and a “rail bus”

They’ve got an impressive number there, including a really old “Maharani” class train from 1899. That one has a wood paneled interior with a gold inlaid ceiling, a feather bed, and a writing desk.

Super-old 1st class
Needless to say the kids are not allowed to climb on this one.

Back in those days, loading cargo onto the trains must have been a bit more interesting…

How many elephants can you fit in a boxcar?
Wouldn’t want to be on cleanup crew.

There’s even a childcare facility if you need to take a break and you don’t want to worry about your little one taking a header off a diesel locomotive.

Travel safely
Seriously, he found his own way in there. He did!

Mysore Children’s Park

A little further in past the trains is the children’s park. The real fun in the park is the local families playing and picnicking in the park. There’s also some pretty worn out playground equipment as well some really beat-up public exercise machines.

Body-weight leg press
The Little Fella doing some leg press with new friends.

One of the most ear-splitting and popular machines is the elliptical trainer. You can get your cardio in and also get permanent hearing damage. Check out the line up!

Gettin' the cardio done
This machine seriously needs a shot of grease.

There’s even a miniature train way in the back. It’s out of service at the moment, but if everybody pitches in, you can get it rolling again. Of course this is not a safe activity, and the lady with the whistle will put a stop to it as soon as she sees it.

Breaking the rules
Three papas and a bunch of kids got it moving, but not quickly.

There’s certainly a risk of getting yourself thrown out of the park. On the other hand, there’s no faster way to get your family invited to share a picnic.


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