Aannnnndddd…. We’re off to Romania!

Wow, two months in India flies by!

It has been a blast, some great times, some not so great times. The kids were thrilled at every cow, goat, pig, and buffalo that they saw wandering the streets. The parents were grossed out at some (many) bathrooms, restaurants, garbage piles, and thrilled at the scenery, temples, people that we met.

We went to an Indian wedding, cruised on a houseboat, relaxed at the beach, and were sick as dogs on an overnight train. The kids overcame a lot of their shyness around strangers, and acquired an allergy to cameras (especially selfies!).

India is an amazing country to visit, but spending time in the big cities is exhausting. We’re looking forward to some time in a nice quiet Eastern European backwater… but first, Bucharest!

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One thought to “Aannnnndddd…. We’re off to Romania!”

  1. Très beau diaporama. Je reconnais quelques endroits et les amas de fils électriques. Je comprends les enfants de “tripper” sur les animaux dans les rues. Ils sont nombreux, un vrai zoo en pleine ville. Bon séjour à Bucharest!

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