Family Travel – Three Ways to Reduce Stress

Family travel is wonderful, but it’s not always fresh mangoes and coconuts. Things can get hairy, the family gets tired, hungry, sick, generally cranky. There can certainly be stress, and sometimes it can feel like it’s more stressful than the life you left behind.

The following is my take on three ways to reduce travelling stress. These are not rocket science, but they’re still not easy to follow. I’ll be the first to admit that we fail at these as often as we succeed.

Eat well, and often

This doesn’t mean to eat big piles of fancy cheese or dine only in 5 star restaurants. We’re budget travelers, and vegan on top of that. What I mean is skip the easy option of bags of chips and other junk for the train and bus rides.


Make the extra effort to get raw fruit and vegetables, good stuff. We bought a fifty-cent vegetable peeler so we can take advantage of the 783 000 fruit carts in the streets of the countries we visit. The whole family is perfectly happy to sit on a bench and peel some carrots, carry a bag of cucumbers onto the train, or peel and eat apples at the beach.

Sea cucumbers
Peeling cukes at the beach.

We’ve found that eating well translates to behaving well, and Mama and Papa can relax that nobody will get scurvy. Eat often because we’re a family that gets cranky when we’re hungry, and a cranky family is a stressed out family.

Don’t schedule too tightly

In project management there is a thing called float. It’s kind of a buffer in your schedule that you can use in case of an emergency or unexpected delay. Schedule yourself one day per week of float, if you can. We often stop moving for a day or two when we’re feeling stretched too thin.

It’s certainly harder to do on shorter trips, or in a country like India where transportation is often booked solid a week or more in advance. Sometimes you book yourself an extra day and don’t need it, but there’s always things to see. We enjoy spending a day at the park or the library even when we’re at our best.

No stress here!
Taking a break at the Children’s park in Ernakulam, India

Float comes in handy when the family spends an entire day taking turns sitting on the toilet. It’s also very useful when everyone is burnt out and at each other’s throats, and you have to go to the park or sit by the water and eat ice cream.

Get some exercise

Everyone knows that kids need regular exercise. Did you know that parents do also? This one’s probably the hardest one to practice regularly. It’s hard enough to get motivated to go to the gym or go for a run when you’re at home. Some people stay in hotels with gyms or pools, that helps. That’s not really in our budget, so we have to find alternatives.


Motivating yourself to get up hours before the rest of your family to go for a run in an unfamiliar place is tough. Especially when you might end up running alongside a garbage canal, or being chased by a pack of street dogs. My wife resorted to running up and down the hotel stairs for 45 minutes in Bangalore. I read Living with a Seal by Jesse Itzler so now I try to do 100 push-ups per day as well as running as often as I can.

Beautiful run
Sometimes you even get to run together!

It’s hard, but totally worth it for stress reduction (and fitness in general, of course). Strolling through a bazaar saying “No thank you” 17 000 times is easier. Sitting on a train for 6 hours with two little kids is easier. Standing in line at customs juggling passports and colouring books is easier.

This one is my favourite tips to practice. My alarm is set for tomorrow, and I’m off to do some push-ups.


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I am a world-travelling, long distance runner previously disguised as a high-voltage engineer and now masquerading as a travel blogger.

13 thoughts to “Family Travel – Three Ways to Reduce Stress”

  1. Eating right is a big one, we like to pack raw green beans for flights since they’re super nutritious and the whole family loves the crunch. We basically never work out on vacation (oops!) but we end up walking so much that I think that counts! Especially when we end up carrying the kiddos.

    Great tips!

    1. Walking definitely counts! Especially carrying kiddos.
      We’re traveling indefinitely, so we can’t look at it like vacation. This is our life now, and we’ve got to make time for exercise. Thanks for the comment and the collaboration!

  2. Great Ideas ! We are grumpy when we are hungry too LOL I don’t go anywhere without a snack for the kids. It’s also a great way to stretch out a trip on public transport. Kinda gives them something to do while they are looking out the window.

  3. I think the snacks tip is great. With food allergies to worry about we always have plenty of snacks even when I have pre-booked food on flights! With 4 kids plenty of snacks usually means my backpack is full of them LOL!

  4. Je vous admire. Quels discipline, détermination et courage. Lâchez pas, vous faites bien cela et amusez-vous! Love! ? ?? ?

  5. We are making the move to becoming Vegan. It is tougher here in Scotland because its very expensive and there are no vegan places near us. I love the veg peeler idea, it would make things way easier

    1. Great choice but yeah, restaurants can be tricky. Check out (app or browser) to help find veg-friendly places. Here in Bucharest we’ve found a bunch with good results. We also try to book apartments with kitchens when possible.

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