Boring website stuff

Today I just want to talk about some website stuff that may be boring or interesting, depending on how much you care about that side of what we’re doing.

First, a couple of new features either added or in progress:

Email Subscription

Just to the right of this text there’s a new box where you can give me your email address. I promise I will never use it for nefarious purposes, or give it to nefarious people. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm you want to receive emails from me. After you click confirm you will receive a notification email every time I post an article. Please subscribe!

Adblocker Detection

This one’s a little more technical and occasionally contentious. Many people ( including myself until today) use an adblocking extension in their browser. Adblockers have what is called a “whitelist” where you can add a website and then the ads are not blocked on that website. There are quite a few adblocker detectors, all with many bells and whistles. The main functionality is to detect when a reader is using an adblocker and to ask them to whitelist the website. Some will block access to the website unless it is whitelisted. I am installing what I think is the mildest option, which is to detect when an adblocker is being used, and insert a message into the blog post asking the reader to whitelist the site.

The reason for both of these additions to the website is that we hope to generate some income from our blog to offset the cost of travelling. The income comes from serving ads, and the ads have to be seen to be counted. More income means more travelling means more pictures and stories of our adventures. And the occasional sponsored beer for the travelling parents. Please whitelist!

More website stuff

I have been learning as I go not only how to manage and post content on this website, but also how to try and market it to get more exposure. There’s so much to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and “Creating an online brand” that there’s barely time to write content and post pictures.

Even more time consuming is the technical aspects of setting this thing up. How to set up the website so it looks okay ( I hope), so it doesn’t get hacked ( I hope). There’s also the never-ending struggle to optimize everything so the pages load quickly and the pictures don’t take up all my server space and, and, and, whew… it’s almost as stressful as the engineering career I left behind in Canada.

So that’s it, please subscribe by email, whitelist our site, share us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, the bulletin board down at the IGA, every click and share helps us a lot.

Bonus picture of a guy carrying his entire inventory on his head:

Carry your stuff on your head!
A very old “hands free” technology


I am a world-travelling, long distance runner previously disguised as a high-voltage engineer and now masquerading as a travel blogger.

2 thoughts to “Boring website stuff”

  1. What’s up buddy, down here in Bay d’espoir things are going along.
    Keep healthy and stay safe.
    When is dad coming over or has he already passed by?

    1. Hey Buddy-boy! How you doing!!?
      Everybody’s healthy and safe, we just had another big curry feast and are headed off to bed.
      Who’s down there in BDE with you? And at WAV?
      Dad won’t be visiting until the end of summer, but Uncle Geoff spent two weeks with us in Sri Lanka ( we’re in India now).
      Good times!
      Miss you buddy, stay safe!

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