Trivandrum Zoo – The kids loved it!

Disclaimer: I’m not a big fan of zoos in principle. I’d rather see the animal in the wild or not see it at all. But kids like zoos, and we’re travelling with two young kids… time to go to the Trivandrum Zoo!

We arrived around 2 PM, and the zoo is only open until 5:15. If we were going to do it again, I would start earlier. 3 hours is enough time to see the zoo slowly, but there’s a pretty good children’s park nearby for afterwards. There’s also a museum, art gallery, natural history museum on the same grounds. All that in one day would be waaayyy too much for our foursome.

The price of admission was 20 rupees per adult, kids get in free. No foreigner price like the sites and attractions in Sri Lanka! Another 50 rupees if you’re bringing a camera. That seems a little silly since everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket with a mega camera built in. The man even asked if I had a video camera ( another 100 rupees). Every camera made in the last 5 years shoots video… I said no. I’ll pay the $1 for the camera, but I draw the line at another $2.

At the entrance they take a look in your bag, which gave me a scare since I had 6 bananas in there. They were for us, but I thought maybe they’d be confiscated given the number of monkey exhibits. Nope, no problem about the bananas, they were looking for water bottles. We had one, so we were directed over to a side table and told to pay 20 rupees. We started to balk at that until the man explained that it’s a deposit. When you leave, you show the man your bottle and he gives your money back. Brilliant! That way no one throws their bottle into the pelican enclosure.

Photo of macaque
An expected photo of a macaque.

In the zoo there’s the expected assortment of monkeys and birds with a very nice pelican enclosure.

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