Travelling Indecision – Where to go? Where to stay?

Yesterday we were paralyzed with indecision. Multiple times. It all worked out in the end, but it was very frustrating. At least it was a travel day, so we could be indecisive on the train and indecisive in a tuk-tuk instead of indecisive standing around in the rain with our packs on.
At first, we couldn’t even decide to which town to go. Then we picked the wrong one. We got off the train in Peradeniya, one stop before Kandy. Our ticket was good all the way to Kandy, but I was a little Kandied out so we decided to try something different.


We got off in Peradeniya and were greeted, as usual, by a tuk-tuk driver offering to take us to a hotel. We were set to go when some other guy chimed in and said that hotel rents rooms by the hour. Ok, no thanks.
The problem is, many times you’ll be headed for a perfectly good hotel, and some other guy will chime in. Your hotel is full, too far, not clean, on fire, in a bad part of town, all of the above. The “some other guy” always has another hotel to suggest, so you never know whether to believe him.
So, we drove around Peradeniya with our extraordinarily patient tuk-tuk driver. We looked at a guesthouse recommended by the “some other guy”. Vero took one look at the bathroom and Nope-ed out of there. We looked at a fading, past-it’s-prime more upscale hotel; couldn’t decide. Both kids used the bathroom in the room and then we decided it was too far out of town. Yikes, back in the tuk-tuk.
In the end, our driver offered to drive us all the way to Kandy ( to get rid of us, I think). We are now staying at the same place as three days ago, before our ill-fated trip to Nuwara Eliya.
Throughout all of this traipsing about, we just couldn’t make up our mind. Where to go? Book or not? Head closer to the airport? Should we eat lunch first? Just around and around, no decisive action taken. Is this called decision fatigue or is that a made-up thing?

I think we need to develop a strategy, even if it’s just flipping a coin. Any suggestions?

Bonus pic: The Page Family Freezing Together!

Sleeping fully clothed
This was our first night in Nuwara Eliya.


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