Sri Lankan Ayurveda Clinic

Nobody panic, but we went to see a doctor of Ayurveda medicine. The little fella was getting the occasional bug bite that blistered up and then got infected. The first time it happened, we went to a clinic and they gave us antibiotics.

There was another bite that was looking red so we decided to check out the ayurveda alternative before jumping on the antibiotic wagon again. The first place we went turned out to be massage only. The women working there were very sympathetic and helpful, but not doctors. They tried to give us directions to the nearest clinic before finally just flagging a tuk-tuk and telling the driver to take us there for free. ( This will become more significant in a second,)

When we arrived we asked how much a consultation would cost. She said “No, no, no cost.” Free. We were ushered in to see the doctor immediately with barely enough time to take off our shoes. The doctor was a nice lady who listened to our description of the problem and then said “Hello?”. Hmmm, okay, no English. Instead, we lifted up the leg of the little guy’s shorts and showed her the new bite, the old bite and said “Mosquito” a few times.


That worked a lot better, and she quickly called in her assistant and gave her some instructions in Singala. She then wrote out some instructions for us, oil on the bite 3 times per day, medicine before each meal, etc. The assistant came back in and gave us our stuff and ushered us back out to the waiting room. We asked how much for the medicine and oil and the assistant said “No, no, no cost.” Free again!

Off we went back to our hotel and gave the fella his medicine and rubbed oil on him. His bites got better, no more infection, and since then there has not been a mosquito bite that has blistered. We still have some of the medicine and oil left, and we have no idea what is in either one of them. One is cola-coloured and one is clear green. If the green one gets cold, it solidifies. That’s all we know.

At the clinic they asked us if we had bottles. I guess people bring their own bottles to put the stuff in. We obviously didn’t know about this, so they gave us the medicine ( maybe 250 ml total) in a 1 litre screw top bottle, and the oil in a heat-sealed little baggie.

Ayurveda medicines
We transferred them both to grape juice bottles for transport.

The whole thing was simple, effective, free, and a little mysterious.



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