Nuwara Eliya is Freezing!

We took the train to Nuwara Eliya because everyone says it’s one of the highlights of the hill country. At the moment it is rainy season, so it’s 14 degrees, rainy, and socked in with clouds. No views and we don’t have any warm clothes to go walking or touring tea factories. I don’t even have a long sleeved shirt.

This is all due to lack of planning on our part, and a heavier than usual monsoon in the south-west. We kind of painted ourselves into a corner with our flight out of the country. Our visas came in and we booked our flight when we had already seen almost all of the country. Two weeks left in Sri Lanka and nowhere left to go. We went back to Kandy to see the Royal Botanical Gardens, but that doesn’t take two weeks.

What to do in rainy Nuwara Eliya?

Our first hotel had satellite TV, so we let the kids watch English cartoons for 2 hours! Very unusual for us, given that back in Canada we had no TV in the house.

Nuwara Eliya in the rain.
The view down the lake toward our first hotel

The next day, we changed hotels and killed an hour and a half walking to the new one. Mixed rain and sun and a walk down the lake. We had our backpacks and almost every stitch of clothing on, so we weren’t too cold. Once we settled in and taxied into town, we found the public library and read children’s books until the place closed.

Right across from the library is the golf club, so we went over there and loitered in the pro shop until they turfed us out. Made it to dinner time!

Elliot at the pro shop.
The staff tried to teach Elliot to putt!


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