Quick Update

We’re in Dambulla, home of the famous Dambulla Cave Temple and surprising Golden Temple. We’ve been to Sigiriya, a Unesco Heritage site and one of the more remarkable places we’ve seen anywhere (very Macchu Pichu-esque).

Unfortunately, our internet is terrible and I can’t get any pictures online at the moment. We have been able to upload some photos to our Facebook page using the phone, so you can see that I’m not making all this stuff up.

I have been able to update/modify the elephant video page, which is now called Elephant Video Page and contains some (but not all) of the elephant videos we have made (again, bad internet=hard to upload stuff). Now, most of the videos are of elephants in the wild, inside and outside of national parks, which is where we like to see them.

Also, following up on an excellent comment we had on the site, I have started configuring a map that should show where we’ve been so far:

    It’s up to date but far from finished, just like our travels!



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