Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens

We are still cooling our heels in Kandy ( flight to India is June 6 and nearby lowlands are flooding) so we’re seeing everything in the area. The most recent was the Royal Botanical Gardens in nearby Peradeniya.

To get there you can take a train, car, scooter, bus, or of course a tuk-tuk. In fact, every single day we’ve been here, a tuk-tuk driver has offered to take us there. It’s as if they knew that it was one of the few local sites we hadn’t seen yet.

The train only leaves at certain times of the morning and we don’t have a car or a scooter, so we decided to mix and match. We walked to the main ( Clock Tower) bus stand, fending off tuk-tuk drivers all the way. We took a bus there and back and then finally a tuk-tuk back to the hotel.

Side note: When we were planning this mega-trip/life change/voyage, walking was a big unknown. How much walking will a 3 and a 5 year old do in a day? Turns out quite a lot. We regularly log 10 km in a day ( we runners are never without our GPS watches, hehe). Sure by the end of the day they’re tired and the little fella is complaining. So far no pitch-a-fit refusal to walk any father though, everyone touch some wood or something.

The entry fee to the Peradeniya Gardens is a little steep at LKR 1500 per adult (about $13.50 CAD). For us, that’s more than we pay for our hotel, and the equivalent of 3 or 4 large beers! It is well worth it though. The enormous tropical trees are mind-blowing, there’s a neat suspension bridge, and best of all you can’t hear, see, or smell any traffic! Honestly, that was the best part for me.

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