Local bus travel day – Dambulla to Polonnoruwa

Travelling by local bus is not always easy. But it’s always the cheapest way from here to there. Often it means changing buses in intermediate towns that you can’t pronounce and will never spend time in. Sometimes it means standing in the aisle jammed in like sardines.

So far, here in Sri Lanka, the kids haven’t had to stand on the bus. We get on and either someone gives us their seat so the kids can sit, or they just pick the kids up and plonk them in their own lap.

Yesterday we had a super-smooth travel day. We took a tuk-tuk to the bus stop, the right bus was there at the right time, we hopped on and the conductor just turfed people out of their seats so we could sit down with the kids in our laps, and we were off!

It took about two hours of smooth sailing to arrive in Polonnoruwa; when we got there a tuk-tuk driver took us to see a hotel, we checked in, and that was it. Smoother than smooth for a day when we didn’t book ahead of time.


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