We made it to Jaffna – the far north!

As Canadians, going up north means cold. In Sri Lanka, going to Jaffna in the north is the total opposite. It is hot as blazes here.

Initially we weren’t sure if we would come all the way up to Jaffna. During the Sri Lankan civil war this was one of the cities worst hit due to its high percentage of Tamil people. The rebel group LTTE was started here, and there were travel restrictions as recently as two years ago. Clearly the whole situation was more complicated than I can sum up in two glib lines of a blog.

In the last two months of travelling in Sri Lanka though, we have met several people who had already been to Jaffna. Every single one of said it was wonderful, the people were nice, plenty of beautiful temples and scenery; we decided to come.

It’s all true! The people are just as nice as we’ve met everywhere, we just came back from a spectacular temple, and we’re off to see some beautiful islands and beaches soon.

In the temples in this region they don’t allow photos, so you’ll have to take my word that the giant murals were spectacular, the ceiling was mind-blowing, and the series of arches holding it up was hypnotic and quite beautiful.

Some photos of the outside:




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2 thoughts to “We made it to Jaffna – the far north!”

  1. Un vrai chef d’oeuvre que ce temple! Tout le monde semble de bonheur sauf Véronique qui fait la “baboune” lol Bonne visite Jaffna! Bisous ?

    1. C’était spectaculaire! Vero faisait semblant parce qu’elle n’avait pas encore reçu son jus de mangue. Tu peux imaginer qu’elle était contente après de l’avoir!

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