Indian Tourist e-Visa

After almost three months in Sri Lanka our visa is about to expire and we’re ready to move on to India. As you can see from our Progress Map, we’ve covered a lot of Sri Lankan ground.

The first thing to take care of was the visa. I did a little reading and found some blog posts about applying for an Indian Tourist Visa. Some were very informative, some were very funny, but all of them described a very complicated, time-consuming process. We even went into the Visa Application Center and the Indian Embassy in Jaffna to ask them questions. Add expensive to complicated and long. They quoted us approximately $550 CAD for the four of us!

Just as I was about to bite the bullet and start the process, I saw this magical link on the Indian Visa Online website:

e-Visa link button
Click here for smooth sailing

I clicked it and lo-and-behold, an Indian double-entry tourist visa for 60 days for the low price of $50 USD each! For the four of us that works out to almost exactly $150 CAD!! That’s a lot of curry money right there.

The e-Visa application is 100% online and I managed to do it ( four times) paperless-ly in our hotel room in about 3 hours. There were a few complications that I had to work out for the first one, and the website timed out on me a couple of times. Once I figured my way around those, the next three went smoothly.


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