The beach!


We finally made it to the beach a few days ago, after almost a month in the country. Don’t get me wrong, it has been great so far. Spectacular views, great food, wonderful people. I was just ready for some relaxing beach time.

After we extended our visas and picked up my brother Geoff at the Colombo train station, we jumped on a quick 1 hour train ride down the coast to Bentota. We chose Bentota somewhat arbitrarily, since there are beach towns full of guesthouses all down the south coast.

We had booked a guesthouse online with Agoda, but it turned out to be waaayy smaller than we hoped. The phrase “Standard Suite with sofa bed” apparently mean “Room with broken-down genuine imitation leather love seat”. Not long after arriving and finishing our round of fresh fruit juices, we found another place in the small maze of streets just off the beach.

The new place must have been designed with the breeze in mind, because every single time we walked up the stairs we all went “Ahhhh, the breeze”. Every. Single. Time.

Once settled in, we went off like a bunch of beach amateurs to get burnt to a crisp. Seriously, going to spent the day at the beach for the first time of the trip at high noon and staying for 4 hours in the sun. Rookies.

A fun time was had by all, and various creams and gels were applied upon our return to the hotel. Success!




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