Relaxing at the beach

We’ve been up to not much, which is a nice change.

We arrived in Tangalle a few days ago and stopped. Beautiful beaches, big waves, comfy guesthouse, good times.

The next adventure is another elephant safari in Yala National Park, home of the highest concentration of leopards in Sri Lanka, so we’re hoping for a sighting.

As it is, our guesthouse is run by two brothers and two sisters and their father, who happily cuts down coconuts from the trees in the front yard whenever the kids ask. As usual, the young ladies have gone bonkers for Elliot, and give him all kinds of treats.


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2 thoughts to “Relaxing at the beach”

  1. Très belles photos, belles plages. Vous êtes bien chanceux. Profitez-en! Have fun! J’aime bien avoir de vos nouvelles. En Abitibi, c’est la grisaille avec un beau petit 3°C. Je vous embrasse! Ginette xoxoxoxo

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