Elephant safari at Udawalawe National Park

Today we saw our first elephants out in the wilds of Udawalawe National Park!

It was amazing and definitely worth getting up at 5 AM. We saw many gigantic lone bulls and a couple of small herds of mamas and babies. The first bull we saw, the driver/guide turned off the jeep and the big Papa just strolled by. I don’t have the blog power to convey the wonder of watching it go past, hearing the ears flap, and listening to his surprisingly quiet footsteps.

We also saw (kind of side-dishes to the main elephant event) spectacular views, monkeys, mongooses (mongeese?), buffalo, spotted deer, a crocodile, eagles, storks, peacocks, and more peacocks. Honestly, I didn’t know there were that many peacocks in the whole world as we saw today. They’re like pigeons around here!




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  1. Toujours très ludique que les visites dans les parcs nationaux. Profitez-en bien et amusez-vous Ginette xx

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