Arugam Bay – Learning to swim!

We found a nice corner of Arugam Bay beach called Baby Point which is perfect for learning to swim!

It is sheltered from the waves by the main point break, so there are just little one-footers that break right on the beach. The water depth increases very gradually, so it’s easy to sit with the kids and lift them over any bigger waves.

It’s also a very entertaining corner of the beach; there are fishing boats coming in loaded to the gunwales with sardines and fish blood, local people swimming and taking pictures of the foreign kids, surfers headed out to the main point break, and ox-drawn carts hauling supplies and surfboards out to the hotels further down the beach.

Arugam Bay - Ox cart delivery service.
Arugam Bay – Ox cart delivery service.

The only downside of little Baby Point is that it is at the other end of the beach, but it’s only a 100 rupee tuk-tuk ride. Of course, since we’re super thrifty (or cheap if you prefer) we often choose the 20 minute walk in 40 degree heat. But we save one dollar (89 cents actually) so it’s probably worth it.


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3 thoughts to “Arugam Bay – Learning to swim!”

  1. Magnifique! Quelle belle plage et les enfants ont l’air tellement heureux! ??‍♀️ ?Et les boeufs sont sur la plage et pourquoi pas! Gros câlins XOXOXOXO

  2. What an amazing place to learn to swim! You guys need to figure out a way to use google maps in WordPress to track where you have been and where you are currently. Then, if the trip ever ends, you’ll have a track of your adventures for all to see. Plus everyone knows where you are. Something like this might help.

    Sorry, I geek out on WordPress. Enjoy the travels!

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