Riding the train

So on a whim (which is how we make all our travel choices) we decided to leave Kandy and take the train to Ella.

We did this in part because we had heard it was beautiful (and it is) but mostly because Elliot had hidden his little blue stuffed kitten inside one of the pillowcases (not the regular pillows where you might notice it, but those little, firm, decorative pillows that you immediately throw on the floor because they are aesthetically pleasing but not useful).

Why would we up and jump on a 7 hour train ride because Elliot hid a kitten? Well, the nice lady who hosted us at our first apartment happened to be on her way to the Ella area, and we decided to meet her there.

Shanika, the nice lady 🙂

It was a very crowded train, mostly filled with tourists. One of the few Sri Lankan families in our train car saw that Vero and the kids were sitting on the floor and immediately insisted on giving up his seat so the kids could sit down. His wife then proceeded to share their lunch with the kids. Typical of the kind of treatment we have received here. The local people just love kids so much that people have been going out of their way to help us out, whether it’s finding the restaurant we’re looking for, or sharing their egg sandwiches on the train. Amazing.

The train ride from Kandy to Ella took about 7 hours and went amazingly well. The nice family got off part way, so we had two seats which was enough room for all of us until I gave my seat to a pregnant lady.

Ella is spectacular and so far we have been running, visiting tea plantations and factories, and walking with the kids. Today we’re going to swim in some waterfalls!


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