Departure! (finally!)

Our departure from Canada was celebrated with a blizzard and 45 cm of snow! Hurray! Just what we wanted, two hours of shoveling on top of our million other things to get done!

A million things included re-packing again, standing there looking at the bags, shaking our heads and shrugging our shoulders. We have too much stuff.

Also included:

  • Making dinner at 10 AM to be able to take our plates, bowls, utensils to Goodwill.
  • Cleaning the house and convincing Vero that it was pointless to wash the floors since our tenant was moving over four days starting the next day.
  • Freaking out as Elliot peed all over the freshly washed toilet seat, floor and shower curtain.
  • Bolting the house safe to the garage floor (Thanks again Alex for the last minute service call; all my tools are in storage!) and then panicking when none of the combinations worked and our passports were locked inside. Turns out for the safe to work you must have (and here I quote Customer Service): Energizer or Duracell batteries with an expiration date of 2027. Cue trip to the depanneur for batteries.
  • Load the car until nothing else will fit and everyone has something in their lap and at their feet (not all that stuff came with us, most of it went to Ontario to be stored at Grampa Steve’s house.
  • Battle rush hour traffic to get to the airport (not a battle at all, I think half of Montreal stayed home from work because of the blizzard).

And then,

The rest was smooth sailing, aside from the 1 hour delay leaving Montreal which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Doha, Qatar.

Not a huge problem since there’s another flight 1 ½ hours later which we easily caught.

Since then, we’ve been driving (riding, mostly) around in tuk-tuks, crippled by jet-lag.

More on that to come!

House is looking empty!

The walls are bare and the cupboards are getting there!

Check out this little goofball eating toast at our new, deluxe dining room set:

We just sent the last carload of personal stuff to Kingston with my Dad, and this weekend the rest of the tools, the camping stuff, and some more miscellaneous stuff goes to the cabin for storage.

Anything left after that gets donated to Renaissance or put out on the curb.

It’s amazing how many things you have to cancel or re-assign to leave the country for a year. It’s hard to get out, even though we’re renting our place furnished so we didn’t even have to get rid of our furniture!

We had our last vaccine-related appointment today, where they draw blood to make sure the rabies vaccine worked and again, the kids were super champions! No tears!

6 days to go!!