House is looking empty!

The walls are bare and the cupboards are getting there!

Check out this little goofball eating toast at our new, deluxe dining room set:

We just sent the last carload of personal stuff to Kingston with my Dad, and this weekend the rest of the tools, the camping stuff, and some more miscellaneous stuff goes to the cabin for storage.

Anything left after that gets donated to Renaissance or put out on the curb.

It’s amazing how many things you have to cancel or re-assign to leave the country for a year. It’s hard to get out, even though we’re renting our place furnished so we didn’t even have to get rid of our furniture!

We had our last vaccine-related appointment today, where they draw blood to make sure the rabies vaccine worked and again, the kids were super champions! No tears!

6 days to go!!


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2 thoughts to “House is looking empty!”

  1. My goodness, what a year you will have. Do you plan to return to Montreal and your cabin, or will you look at re-locating elsewhere in Canada or….just asking as your Aunt. xxoo Patsy

    1. At this point, your guess is as good as mine Patsy! There are so many places to see and any one of them is a potential new home. I will say that Western Canada and the mountains are always high in the rankings for us.
      Four sleeps to go!

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