Almost ready to go! (kind of, sort of)

It’s a frenzy of preparation, I tell you! A frenzy!

We’ve gotten all of our vaccines, gotten our emergency prescriptions filled, purchased a round of malaria meds for the whole family, bought our plane tickets, and booked our first place to stay on Airbnb!

Now we’ve got to sort out one last trip to the cabin, and one last load to go to Ontario, and the rest goes into the backpacks.

The tenants are moving in upstairs tomorrow and we’ve leases signed for upstairs and our place. All the pieces are falling into place!

Four more days of work, sixteen days until we leave. Holy smokes.

If you’ve ever thought about pulling up stakes and buggin’ out, let me tell you it’s a lot of logistics. Very exciting though. Very exciting indeed.


I am a world-travelling, long distance runner previously disguised as a high-voltage engineer and now masquerading as a travel blogger.

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