Things are moving!

Well, there’s a light at the end of the silver lining at the bottom of the well, or something.
So you surely remember the story of the Haitian guy who lives in Longeuil but works in France. Surely.
Well, he got a little upset when the bank turned him down for some technicality in his paperwork. When he started talking lawsuit, the bank suddenly found a way to re-open his file and, low and behold, he got approved!
This is bigger news than I can communicate with simple exclamation points.

We are just waiting on a date with the notary, and the deal is done!!

Whoa, whoa, slow down. The deal’s done when the money’s in the bank.
Still, this is by far the closest we’ve come to a deal so we’re pretty excited.
We’re still trying to get rid of our unnecessary possessions, today we sold a baby gate and 2/3 of a spool of 14/2 electrical wire. Go Kijiji!
The guy who bought the wire asked me to deliver it to his store in the Eaton Center (I work in the office tower above, so this is not as ridiculous as it sounds). He kept telling me that it wasn’t as much wire as I thought it was, and then asked me what my best price was. I told him the price was still $20, given that I delivered it. He looked disappointed and then pulled out a crumpled wad of 20’s and 50’s; he must have had about $680 in his pocket! I guess selling knock-off perfume is good business!