The Search for a Shoe (Intro).

This is the sad story of a minimalist runner in today’s maximalist world, searching for new shoes.

Two years ago I decided to completely change how I was running. At the time I was running between 10 and 15 km; the day after a 15 km run, my knees, hips, and lower back hurt for two days. I was a heel-striker.

I did some reading, watched a Christopher McDougall Ted Talk, and decided that I would run minimalist, barefoot if possible.

After much online research, I happened to be passing by the Montreal New Balance store, so I stopped in to see what the minimalist options were. I tried on a pair of Minimus Zero V2 and I felt like I was running in socks with soles on them.



I went right out and tried them that night and it was a rude awakening. I got about 1 km and felt a new tightness in my calves. By the time I got back to my house at the end of 3 km, I could barely run. The next day I could barely walk. I have never had calves that sore; not trekking in Nepal, not mountaineering in the Canadian Rockies, never.

I started running to the park in my Nikes, carrying the Minimuses (Minimii?) and then putting them on for a lap and running home in the Nikes. One lap became two, and in only a year (!) I was back up to 7.5 km.



I am a world-travelling, long distance runner previously disguised as a high-voltage engineer and now masquerading as a travel blogger.