Sunset point

About Us

We did it!

We pulled up stakes and bugged out of our “normal life”! We threw our settled Montreal life up into the air and ran away before it hit the ground!

The Beginning

We spent a little over eight years in Montreal since moving here from Banff, Alberta via Kyoto, Japan and then Vina del Mar, Chile. In that eight years, we bought a triplex, renovated two thirds of it, got an Engineering degree, had a baby, bought a duplex, had another baby, and then converted half the duplex to an Airbnb apartment.

When you do all that stuff, if you’re not careful you end up with a lot of things. Objects, possessions, knick-knacks, souvenirs, bric-a-brac, etc.

We got rid of almost all of that stuff. It wasn’t easy.

After repeatedly deleting and re-posting ads on the internet every couple of days another object that we didn’t really need went out the door. It sounds pretty straight-forward, but then there’s the 75% of calls, emails, text messages that go nowhere. People that say, “Ok I’m coming to get it.” and never show up. People that bargain and haggle for a $5 kid’s size plastic rocking chair and then ask you to drive 45 minutes to deliver it. People that email just to tell you your price is too high, and don’t even make an offer. Ugh.


I’ve heard on the Rich Roll Podcast that the average North American house has over 300 000 objects in it. We worked at it for months and then just threw the rest in our cabin and my Dad’s basement.

The Departure

Even after all that work, we left with too much stuff. Before our second week of traveling even started, we had packed a box full and shipped it back to Canada.

We are now almost five months into our trip, return date unknown! Traveling in Sri Lanka was great, India is great, the kids are great (with a few meltdowns, of course), and our adventure is starting to feel like a reality.